What is the weather like within the Four Corners?

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High desert living

  • There are over 270 days of sunshine a year and the climate is temperate

  • Communities in the Four Corner's region range from lush river valleys to the rugged uplands of the Southwestern Plateau

Four distinct seasons

  • Mild changes in temperatures follow the four seasons

  • Winter temperatures run in the 40s

  • Spring and fall temperatures run in the 60s

  • Summer temperatures are in the 80-90s


  • Topography of the Four Corner's region is generally rugged with elevations ranging from 5,000 to 7,500 feet


  • The annual rainfall is approximately 7.5 inches

  • The annual snowfall average is 12.3 inches

Mountain Ranges within San Juan County, NM

  • The Chuska Mountains border the area to the west

  • The La Plata Mountains are to the north

  • The Shiprock Pinnacle


  • The San Juan River flows through the area

  • Numerous creeks, springs and washes weave through the southern part of the region